T Spheres aromatherapy infused massage balls

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  • Top Santé • October 2015

    T Spheres Aromatherapy Massage Balls infused with lavender essential oil, these balls can be used to ease tension out of tight muscles. Simply circle or press wherever needed to relax and unwind. ... more ...

  • Pregnancy & Newborn • May 2014
    Roll with it

    Rely on aromatherapy massage balls to ease the pain. ... more ...

  • New You • April 2013
    Soothe yourself

    We all struggle with aches and pains, and sometimes only a multitiered approach will do. Enter:
    T Spheres, essential oil-infused self-massage tools ... more ...

  • Massage & Bodywork • March-April 2013
    Ease into it

    Consider how best to introduce clients to new aromas, but always ask permission first. "I begin on clients" ... more ...

  • Massage & Bodywork • Jan-Feb 2013
    Scent your sessions

    Stephanie Whittier, founder of
    T Spheres, hit on the idea of combining a massage ball with aromatherapy. As the device is rolled over the skin ... more ...

  • Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa • August 2012
    The modern man

    The modern man in the spa today is a sophisticated, health conscious, confident guy who cares about looking and feeling good. It is very important for him to be ... more ...

  • O Magazine • May 2012
    Roll with it

    Because these stress-relieving balls are infused with essential oils, you get a hit of aromatherapy as they glide along ... more ...

  • Natural Health • November 2011
    The right touch

    Yes, you can massage away your own aches and pains... “Press your pointer and middle fingers to your temples, take a breath in and, while rubbing in small circles with even pressure, breathe out,” ... more ...